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I am your well of profundity
I am a magnanimous soul, set in proportion with your Zen
opposite ephemeral of your pleasure
the curvature of your every desire
I tie you up tightly and expose parts dying into a manifestation of pure love
I'm your gladiator
I percolate through your core, search and seize your perfectibility and leave you
breathless with your remains.
I am me
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Sep. 23rd, 2011 @ 10:25 pm kids...
another day with my perfect children.  my big is sick right along with me and my little is being protected so he doesn't get it.  it's so hard to not kiss his cute little face but it would break my heart if he caught something.  didn't really do much today.  we practiced our abcs and danced around the house together then we watched bob the builder and barney and took naps and changed diapers and ate and played...phew.  god if youre listening...i need a twix.  and a coors light.  i need a foot rub and a hot bath with a good book.  id like one full night of not waking up to crying for a bottle or a binkie or a diapey change.  i need a hammock and a mai tai and the sun.  just for a minute...
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Sep. 22nd, 2011 @ 03:53 pm crazy changes
Current Mood: tiredtired
its been a long time since i've written in here.  it wasnt until recently when i got an email alerting me that someone had commented on a post i had written years ago. so i've been thru some different women and different lives and different homes.  i've had different jobs and different experiences.  life sure has changed since ive been on here last
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Dec. 21st, 2006 @ 09:34 pm its cold outside, chapter 3
snow flurries land and melt upon your windshield
wipers swipe away
you ride alone in silence
fog blurs your vision
tires slosh slowly through the dirty snow on the road ahead
you can barely see the moon and the sky is starless
you have been driving forever
you flip the radio on
christmas music
back tires slide
you grip the wheel
car spins and stops against a snow bank 
hard along the side of the road
christmas music stops
you turn the key
nothing happens
car sits silent
you step out and pop the hood
you look at steaming parts like you understand them
your an hours drive from town
headlights gleam in the distance
snow falls around you
you watch your breath while you wait for this stranger to approach
you wander if it's a killer like your mom has warned
you laugh to yourself
the car pulls up and stops
you can't see inside
a moment passes and a man steps out
he walks towards you 
"do you need some help?"  
this voice is a womans
she is tall 
wears a heavy black leather jacket and jeans
short dark hair
she doesn't wait for an answer 
reaches under your hood
plays with something and tells you to try the key again
you slip into the car
cold vinyl seats
turn the key
engine starts
you get out
"let it warm up"  she says
takes off her coat and places it on your shoulders
it's warm
smells of cologne
"i'm alex" she says and outstreches a strong greasy hand
you take it in yours
eyes linger
"it's not safe out here" she says with a grin
"i might meet someone dangerous" you reply
"well, i'll stay and protect you." she replies and steps closer
hands still gripped tight
you step into her
"what if i'm looking for danger?" you ask smiling shyly
"then i'm dangerous" she says and kisses you 
her warm chapped lips feel nice against yours
you feel yourself getting wet
she leans you against the car door
small vibrations and cold window against your back
wind cold against bare legs
she pulls your skirt up
you worry for a second that someone will see you
"we're all alone out here" she whispers, relieving your thoughts
"fuck me" you whisper back
her cold jeans press against your panties
hard belt buckle sends chills through your body
"i was planning on it"  she says back
you open your legs up wider
she pushes your panties over to the side
warm fingers touch your cunt
she parts your lips and finds your clit
you moan in her ear
bury your face in her neck
she smells of a woodfire and cologne
you breath her in 
she slides a finger inside of you
you let your weight drop on her strong forearm
your clit rides it
she moves inside you
you start to cum
you ask for another
she inserts one more
you grind against her
your hands grab at her back
she fucks you harder
you cum
your scream echoes
she kisses your neck
she pulls out
"wait here, i have something you might like in my car." she says as she walks away...

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Dec. 20th, 2006 @ 01:01 pm chapter 2

i'm out of town

was suppose to be home tonight

flight cancelled

or so i thought

i decide to surprise you

i arrive home

the house is dark and silent

one foot through


i tiptoe across the living room

my leather jacket catches on something and i hear a crash

you move upstairs


i squat in the darkness


you settle and i know you are in bed, i know you are wearing that silken white nighty

i saw you through the window outside

i creep to the staircase


one step at a time

i'm at the end of the hallway

your light is on

i wait for it to shut off

i walk silently down the hallway

i am at your door

i hear you breathing

you hear me and you inhale

you are scared

i push the door open and walk over to the side of the bed

i place my hand over your mouth and whisper ssshhh

you push at me and i grab your wrists and hold them behind you

i push you onto your stomach 

i kneel beside you on the bed

you squirm for a moment but stop when you feel my hands in your hair

i pull, just hard enough to remind you you have no control

your nightgown has shifted and the back of your thigh is exposed

i palm it with one hand and reach for the other

you squirm again and i spread your legs with strong hands, pushing your nightgown up and over your ass

i move

i kneel between your legs and lean over your back

you press your face into the pillow as i draw my tongue over your neck

i breath you in and continue to kiss down your spine until i reach the soft silk

my hands move along your back

you hear me unzip my pants and one of my hands disappears between my legs

i grab your hip and thrust them upwards so you are on all fours

you squirm again and i grab the back of your hair once more

"relax"  i say in a low but stern voice

you comply

while holding the back of your neck with one hand, i reach between your thighs with my other

i spread your cunt open and softly begin to rub your clit

i feel you moisten under my fingertips

i know you want it

you buck your hips backwards, guided by the hand on your neck

you start to grind against my crotch

i stop you

i take the tip of my rubber cock and i rub it

smooth along your clit
parting your lips with the large head

you feel it circling your hole and you moan

i enter you slowly

i push my way in

your cunt sucks in all 10 inches of me

my fingers move back to your clit

my other hand still on the back of your neck

i pump into you 



i rub you

you moan

i fuck you





i grab your hips just as you are cumming and thrust you against me 


you scream


i haven't cum yet

i turn you over and tell you to sit at the edge of the bed

you comply

i take my shirt off 


my black armani dress shirt falls to the floor

i stand before you 

black dress pants

black shoes

gold rolex

10 inch rubber cock standing straight

waiting for your mouth

you lick the tip

mmm i watch your lips take it in

you suck

i grab the top of your head for balance

i'm still in control

i take your hand and slide it under the harness

fuck me

you push two fingers deep inside me

still sucking

fingers twisting and pounding in and out of my cunt

you feel me squeeze around you

cunt muscles contracting

i'm getting wetter

you fuck harder

and suck

i cum

you moan

you are cumming too

you lick down my shaft one last time and i pull slowly out of your mouth

you slip your fingers out

i tuck my cock back in and zip my pants

put my shirt back on

we smile at each other

"i caught a different flight" i say with a grin

we both laugh

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Dec. 19th, 2006 @ 10:10 pm never say a word
Current Mood: flirtyflirty
it's night 
rain falls thick and heavy outside
i see you across the bar
our eyes catch and i head towards you
as i approach you disappear
i glance around and see you slipping out the side door 
i follow
i step out onto the wet concrete 
rain drips over my forehead and streams down my face
i see you running down an alley way
i follow into the darkness
i lose you
i start to run
i hear your laughter soft behind me
i turn and see you leaning against a brick wall
i walk to you curious
you reach out and grab my white dress shirt and pull me to you
without speaking we kiss
i grab your naked thigh under your skirt and lift your leg around my hip
we kiss hard as my hand slides under your shirt, exposing your breast
i lick your tongue and pinch your hard nipple
you throw your head back and gasp
a smile stretches across your beautiful face and i pull you up, straddling my hips now and lick down your chest
you pull my shirt open and splay your hands across my breasts
you reach down and loosen my belt
i unzip my pants and lean you harder against the wall, pressing my body against yours
i reach down and rub your clit
you grab at my hair, riding my fingers
i thrust 2 inside of you
you are warm inside 
you rip at my shirt
i fuck you harder
you did your heel into my calf
it pierces
i moan
i add a third finger
you lean your head back
i lick your neck and bite 
you cum
but i'm not done
i drop to my knees and lift your skirt up
i need you in my mouth
i suck you in
roll my tongue over your clit
enter you
suck you dry
you ride my face now
the rain beats hard on us
i slide a hand down my pants and fuck myself as i tongue fuck you
a siren in the background
i stand quickly and we run
laughing back to the bar 
in the dark
we stop outside and kiss once more
we go inside
never saying a word

i love you
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Dec. 13th, 2006 @ 10:49 pm love
Current Mood: determineddetermined

Je souhaite pour vous appartenir à mes bras ce soir. 
Je souhaite pour vous appartenir à mon âme et m'enroule autour de pour l'éternité. 
Je souhaite pour la passion. 
Je souhaite pour l'idylle. 
Je souhaite pour vous. 

S'il vous plaît tomber. S'il vous plaît succomb à moi après toutes ces années. Le temps a passé et nous avons besoin de rafraîchi. Je vous ai aimé à jamais. Je vous aime maintenant. Venir coucher. chute

Comment c'est, mon coeur, que vous êtes devenu mon meilleur ami ? Comment c'est, mon amour, que vous êtes devenu mon battement de coeur ? Comment c'est, mon ange, que vous avez consommé me pour tout que je suis ? Comment c'est, mon ami, que j'ai obtenu si heureux pour vous avoir par mon côté ? Vous m'aimez pour moi. Vous aimez mes imperfections. Vous aimez la façon je dors et la façon que je conduis. Vous aimez mon sexe et mon sourire. Comment c'est, mon amour, que j'ai obtenu si heureux ?

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Dec. 7th, 2006 @ 10:26 pm breathless
Current Location: living room
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: tv in background
i'm having dirty thoughts about you
i think of you spread on my bed
legs spread open
me, kneeling
sucking until heaven opens
your release
leaving you breathless and smiling
i offer 2 fingers and you gladly accept
open and wanting
you are wet, back arching, fingers gripping the back of my head
you ride hard and buck fast
you place feet on my back
thighs clench tightly
fist balls
you scream yes
pressure building
sweat dripping down spine
oh     yeah    right    there   oh    fuck   oh   oh    oh   oh  yes yes yes   yes  yes  oh
oooooohhhhhh goooodddd
oh yeah
i look up
smile and wipe my mouth
you lean back and relax
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Nov. 17th, 2006 @ 07:23 pm (no subject)

could you live forever on my tongue?
could you just ride my waves and lay back
open to my touch?
will you fuck me?
will you fuck me in tundrels of extacy and lightening?
thunder crash between my thighs and you and i will lie
staring ceiling circling round and round 
screaming sweating fist fucking heaven
you stand before me
and i bow my head in praise

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Oct. 11th, 2006 @ 10:14 pm (no subject)
lay your head upon my shoulder
i will carry you through
drip your tears upon my cheek
i will cry with you
unburden your thoughts upon my ear
i will listen with my heart

there are a million things i want to say.  i had a fight with someone once and it ended in us both crying.  when i went to embrace that person, i was told to stop.  i wanted to comfort her and thought that that was what she needed.  when i reached for her, she replied "you are trying to hug me to comfort me but i don't need your comfort, i need mine".  i stepped back, offended for a second but then i thought about it.  words and actions aren't always the answer when someone else is facing a difficult thing so i'm not going to say things like "it will be alright", i dont know the future.  I'm not going to chase you around trying to physically console you, for i know it doesnt make things right.  but i will let you know that i am here and i'm not going anywhere.  if you need it.  my arms will be open if you need them.   be strong, be weak, be vocal, be silent.  heal yourself. 
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Oct. 11th, 2006 @ 10:07 pm my lover
i'm holding my heart
heavy at armlength
i've stretched out for you 
i wait for you to take

i drop my walls for you
just a little at a time
but enough for you to get through
i wait for you to enter

i have my truth
it sits in the corner 
loud enough to hear
i wait for you to listen

i have my weights
hurled upon my back
i get pulled down
i wait for you to help

i have my strength
building strong within my soul
it doesn't fail
i wait to take your weakness

i have me
i wait for you
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